Problems We Solve

Let's just say that sending "clean claims" every single time is made almost impossible by insurance companies. It takes…

  • Experience/expertise
  • Persistence
  • Clinical knowledge
  • Insurance knowledge
  • Hours and hours of follow-up (some of which is simpley spent on hold with insurance companies)

The problem is that your staff is currently…

  • Out of time or lacks the time
  • Trying to help patients that are in the office right now
  • Verifying benefits
  • Organizing
  • Creating an amazing in-person customer experience
  • Interrupted by phone calls
  • Stretched too thin

The big problem is that unresolved insurance claims keep cash flow hostage…

  • An average dental office has 30% or more of their billing aging at 90 days or more. We help you collect that 30%.
  • Common Denial Reasons for Unpaid Claims…

  • Demographic Discrepancies
    • Acounts for 35% of claim challenges
    • 1. Patient information
    • 2. Practice information
    • 3. Provider information
    • 4. Employer information
  • Supporting documentation not sent with initial claims:
    • Accounts for 25% of claim challenges
  • Dental insurance company delays payment and requests more information
    • Accounts for 20% of claim challenges)
  • Front office unable to correctly process dual insurance, blended families, or plans from major insurance companies.
    • Accounts for 5% of claim challenges
  • Technical issues, paper billing or simply lack of follow-up from staff due to time constraints and in-office patient care.
    • Accounts for 5% of claim challenges).

Is your current dental insurance billing and overall accounts receivable effective? Are you collecting 98-100% of your billing? Here is what we do…

  • We fix overdue insurance billing
  • We get 98-100% of your billing paid
  • We make it easy for your staff to help the customers standing right in front of them
  • We file, appeal, re-appeal, petition claims
  • We sit on hold for hours and hours so that your staff doesn't have to
  • We improve your business and we improve your lifestyle
  • We want you to be able to focus on growing your business and we have the resources and technology to make sure you can do so profitably
  • We are not your typical dental billing service. We are the best

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