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Let us tell you why we are different

You would think we've all been dentists by how good we have become at this, but the truth is the founders knew very little about dentistry when they started. The founders were simply successful entrepreneurs that discovered problem needing a solution. So, here is what we did…

  • Hired dental professionals with extensive experience to perform these duties like you would
  • Created best in class software to help them. We know technology first, where most of the billing companies knew dentistry first. We discovered solutions to the challenges others in the industry couldn't. We operate at a greater efficiency than our competition as a result.
  • We believe our experience with you should be best in class
  • We constantly monitor and adapt our techniques to the ever changing industry
  • We have a background in data and analytics and provide statistical intelligence to the betterment of your business
  • Our staff are passionate about what they do and you feel that when you speak with them.
  • We are incentivized on your success, so we want your business to grow as much as you do
  • We don't get paid, unless you get paid more.

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